CEO’s, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs’ certainly enjoy early mornings with their first cup of coffee and few interruptions from emails, calls, or appointments.  Generally the successful business owner will hire an Administrative Assistant to handle the tedious details of business for them.  Secretaries and administrative assistants are perhaps the most appreciated professionals today!

This is probably another reason why they’re given one day in April to themselves. They do all the tedious work so you don’t have too. So you can do more of the ”focusing” on running your business so it’s successful.

Let us handle those details for you.  Stinamarie’s provides administrative assistance to executives anywhere in the world allowing them to focus on building and growing their business.  Whether typing, answering inbound calls, making outbound calls, data entry, email marketing, newsletters, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet research, appointment setting, bookkeeping tasks, e-mail management, or payroll, our professionals are prepared and capable of taking on those tasks.