Stinamarie's was created with one thing in mind: Help our clients save time and money.

It all started when our founder, Tina Elwell, got frustrated. She was frustrated because she wasn't able to find the staff she needed to complete the work that had to be completed.  It took time to find and train employees and very often, they didn't work out. Then there's the cost of having an employee on top of the payroll, costs such as medical insurance, worker's compensation insurance, 401K plans, office equipment, office space and so much more.  Then it hit her.  If she was having these problems, others were too.

And Stinamarie's Virtual Administrative Solutions was born!

We are a staff of administrative assistants based in offices around the world.  We have various skills that we bring to resolve your administrative issues.  And, because you're not hiring us as employees, the cost of getting the work done is much, much less.

We can answer your phones, call your clients, arrange your travel, enter data into your various programs, write your letters, send out emails for you, generate newsletters, create and edit spreadsheets, do your research, set your appointments and so much more.