Appointment Setting

What we do

Appointment setting or lead generation is us acting as your inside sales rep. We make calls to your prospects to arrange meetings for your field representatives. We can work from your list or arrange for you to purchase a list from a reputable company.

The lead generator’s goal is to qualify leads for quality, schedule appointments and contact field reps to let them know that they have scheduled them another appointment. We can also mark up your Sales Representatives calendar to control cancellations, reschedule appointments and replace unwanted and wasted prospects.

Qualifying your prospects

To qualify your prospects, we ask questions about their needs, willingness, motivation and budget to make a purchase. We build up a rapport with them, generate trust and get them excited about you and your products and services. By the end of our interaction with them, they will have said “yes” several times resulting in an appointment with one of your representatives.

Our purpose is to avoid your representatives wasting their time with suspects that don’t generate business. After arranging the meeting, we will prepare a lead file with any important notes that your sales representative will use on their visit to your prospect. If you’d like, we can also provide research on your prospect, gathering important and useful information to help get you the sale.