There are some employees who are invaluable, almost an extension of you.  They anticipate your needs and take care of them almost before you even ask.  Unfortunately, these employees are few and far between.  Very often, before you find them ... if you find them ... you have to wade through a number of candidates who are less than adequate. 

With Stinamarie's as your partner, you can avoid all of the time, energy and trouble it costs you.  We work with you to make sure your administrative tasks are handled quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your business not your employees.

As your partner, our goal is to see you succeed.  To that end, we work tirelessly to support you.  Need a phone call made?  We can handle it.  Need travel booked?  We're on it.  Need a client called?  We're here for you.  Want follow up calls made?  We'll take care of it.  Let us help you succeed.