Stinamarie's Administrative Solutions has been instrumental in allowing me to grow my small business. Thanks to their invaluable services, I'm better able to focus on my customer's needs without having to stress about the administrative aspects of the business such as payroll, scheduling, or invoicing - all at a very reasonable price.

Kyle Ingram

We have been using Christina for approximately four months off and on as we need her assistance. We have been exceptionally pleased with the service they have provided! To begin with we just asked them to take the overflow of calls when there wasn’t going to be anyone in the office. We had reservations as we previously had a similar arrangement with other company providing a telephone service, but were severely let down as they frequently made mistakes and didn’t pass on the messages, however, we are very pleased to say that we have not encountered any problems with Christina.

Christina, came and had a chat with us initially and we explained how important it is that anyone who calls us is treated with respect and efficiency. Christina, totally understood our needs and has fulfilled her promise to provide a service that treats people who call us as we would wish.

Christina, provides to include taking tenants details and passing other information, we would not have done this unless we were totally confident that the team at Christina’s were up to dealing with prospective tenants in a polite and capable manner. It is after all, our reputation that is on the line.

Christina, has taken the time and trouble to ensure that the team she has built around her are well trained and reliable and she is always available to discuss any queries or charges that we would like to make. I am very pleased to say that we are very satisfied with her services and we can recommend them without hesitation. We will be continuing to use their service for the foreseeable future.

Jayson Jorgen – Director-Military Housing Coronado SD. CA

Christina has been an excellent asset, who I would highly recommend. She is extremely reliable, discreet when necessary and all communication tasks are treated with care. My customers love her and I can trust her to look after the business when I am busy with other task.

Cindy Blake –Director Sprint PCS, Irvine CA

Christina supports my business ‘Virtually’ but has become a valuable personal assistant and team member. She is always happy to take on new tasks and carry these out for me. I can trust her to represent my company image and my clientele enjoys speaking with her. In effect, she saves me so much time and money.

Daniel Davis – President Moon LLC, Tampa FL.

As well as a standard secretarial skills, Christina has a great grasp of social media and I have used her for telephone sales and event management as well. I have always found Christina reliable, willing and pleasant and more than that, she is intuitive and creative and will keep at a problem until she solved it. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. You’ll never be disappointed with her, very reliable, trust worthy and very devoted to your needs.

Mathew Owens – Director Lucent LLC